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Although XApperator is more focused on data management than publishing it does provide a means for viewing your XML files by pushing them through an XSLT transform dynamically using the controller cgi script

Viewing is enabled by setting the boolean attribute of the /actions/view/ element to '1' in the config.xml file for your application. You should also specify the XSLT template to be used (defaults to view.xslt) using the transform attribute.

Following is an example...

When enabled a 'View' button appears in the admin interface near the publishing buttons. The action is very similar and you could potentially use your publishing xslt for viewing

You might also consider creating a copy of your controller.cgi script for view-only access to the application. You can hard-code the 'app' attribute of the XApperator instance to a copy of the config file which allows viewing but disables all other edit actions, then make a URL like the following available for end-users


There are sample view.xslt files included in some of the apps with this distribution but you will need some knowledge of XSLT to be able to build your own publishing templates. XApperator currently relies on your data structures being fairly flat though so the XSLT transforms need not be overly complex.

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