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Example applications

XApp is useful anywhere you've got a fixed format of data records that you need to perform low-fuss editing on. Following are some sample uses or examples of how XApp might be used to edit or manage XML data files and ultimately publish them into another format


One of the sample apps that ships with XApp is a phonebook manager. Each entry has typical contact type fields: name, phone number and email address etc with an auto-generated index field. Phonebook entries are split into files for each department and the KEYS.xml file acts in the usual foreign key manner with a record for department.

The publish.xslt file pushes out to an HTML page for each department conditionally displaying email address if that field is checked (its a boolean type) in the record for that staff member

XApperator Self-Documentation

Although I've stated that XApperator is not a general purpose CMS I thought a reasonable test of it would be to use it in a boot-strapping like fashion to document the project.

I created a config.xml file with a schema that lists a content field and type field which allows me to select H, or P or LI as content items. A publish xslt then wraps those elements in the appropriate HTML to create some simple mark-up

Also added an additional type of blob which can contain HTML mark-up and gets thrown through a custom XSLT extension function to un-escape brackets


An implementation of a simple blogging mechanism is included. Individual blog posts are written into monthly collection files and are published in multiple transforms, one that produces a static month-by-month archive and another as an RSS index.

This app demonstrates use of custom XPath functions to handle presentation of dates in the edit UI where Year, Month and Day are split into separate dropdown select fields.

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