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Although XApperator is more focused on data management than publishing it does provide a means for publishing any or all of your XML files by pushing them through XSLT transforms.

The publishing target folder, XSLT template to be used, and file extension to be written out to are all specified using <transform> tags within the /actions/publish/ element of the config.xml file for a given application.

Following for example is a <publish> element with two transforms, one that pushes the data file through an XSLT to generate an RSS feed, and another which publishes the data into an ordinairy HTML page...

You can add as many transforms as you like using a seperate tag for every publishing action required, but performance should be considered with large data files when the publish-all feature is enabled (as above)

There are sample publish.xslt files included in this distribution but you will need some knowledge of XSLT to be able to build your own publishing templates. XApperator currently relies on your data structures being fairly flat though so the XSLT transforms need not be overly complex.

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