lightweight, manouverable and quickly deployed

Project Goals/Features

* One interface to rule them all, should be simple and usable enough for novice users without being so crude as to be a turn-off to more sophisticated power-users

* More control oriented than freedom as far as authoring sophistication is concerned. Publishing is an exercise for the developer not managed by XApperator (although it can trigger XSLT transforms, and multiple transforms or target publishing folders/locations)

* Constrained set of ui user actions: edit, save, cut, copy, paste, insert and delete. Otherwise known as CRUD. Additional optional view, publish, raw-xml and search modes. These actions will always be kept to a minimum with a view to do the simple things well.

* Client-side JavaScript validation is supported and auto-generated (based on the schema) to check for compulsory fields, inappropriate user actions and to limit wasted return-trips to the web server.

* No coding required. There is no need to build a script to handle the application data, the framework handles all common user actions for you. You will need to build a config file though.

* XApp has i18n support built in to the UI generation parts of the framework so you can configure messages and titles in your config.xml file for any language you choose to provide translations for. A user whose browser is configured to use that language will see the messages in the UI through auto-detection of the Accept-language setting

* Ultra-rapid-app-development. If you are managing data rather than publishing it then a typical app really can be rolled out in about 15mins. Setting up the publishing XSLT file is an exercise that will consume time depending on how rich a publishing requirement you have.

* Should just work out of the box. No mucking about with complex UI elements and widgets.

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