lightweight, manouverable and quickly deployed

Things To Do

Unicode handling

all form submitted binary characters to be stored in XML as unicode Ӓ form, then when being presented again in the edit i/f shall be converted to browser viewable binary values again (e.g. ü>

all microsoft codepage characters converted to valid unicode values on commit to XML, no conversion required back out to the edit i/f

Sticky Forms

need to ensure forms are sticky on error so no need for user to have to "hit the back button" to correct their submission, and risk losing some data in the process

Shell Admin tools

need a bunch of shell tools to be used by admins for things like creating a new app (after prompting for schema details), bulk importing or publishing, inspecting XML files and auto-generating schema includes, bulk publishing of content, etc etc

WebDAV support

be useful to be able to do a DAV PUT (and maybe GET) of the XML data for an app to and from a DAV store instead of the local file-system

Multiple engines

once the config.xml and record schema stuff has firmed up it would be nice to make the Perl engine as OOP as possible and documented well enough that an engine in another language (and maybe another XML/XSLT engine) could be easily built to manage the same app data and configuration.


should be able to provide abstraction from browser rendering and offer a future engagement with client side XForms generation instead of or in additional to the current FORM + JavaScript + CGI submission mechanism


in context editing ability, link to the edit i/f from the published version

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